Learn Spanish at your own pace while enjoying Mallorca and immersing yourself in the local culture.

Learning Experiences

Nick fewings palma SLM

Spanish language & culture Immersion Programme

Learn a language from a communicative approach and live immersive experiences to boost the learning process. They not only will help you to remember and retain what you learn but you will also learn more concepts around the same topics

Intensivo SLM 2

Special Immersive Spanish Programmes

Can you picture yourself attending an Immersive Spanish Programme in an wonderful Mallorcan manor house with a beautiful garden and pool near the sea, and even staying there during the Programme if you wish?

Miranda Oliver artista Mallorca

Street art in Palma

Art has always been present in Mallorca, especially in Palma. However, I think it is interesting to be attentive to works that for many visitors go unnoticed, both by internationally recognized artists, as well as wonderful interventions by local artists..

Jan genge j LO62 Z Cmzq E unsplash

La Fundación Miró

The Fundación Miró is a museum built in 1992 by a renowned Spanish architect, Rafael Moneo. So, it will be interesting for different aspects. But, what do you know about the artist Joan Miró?

Foravila pati

One Day Immersion in a rural villa

This Spanish Language and Culture Programme is for those who want to make a real leap just in one day and naturally improve their level of Spanish.