Learn Spanish at your own pace while enjoying Mallorca and immersing yourself in the local culture.

Learning Experiences

Ruta primav 2

Spanish Intensive Programmes in April

Spanish language training for adults from upper level A2! Special Easter Programme. Join the challenge to speak and improve your skills from a fully communicative approach in 2 weeks!

Labahiade Palma 2

Spanish Intensive Programme March

Learn to overcome your reluctance to feel uncomfortable for fear of making mistakes and solve everyday situations by using the language from the very beginning. Spanish Intensive Programme only for adults beginners in the district of Santa Catalina

SLM Vistas costa

Immersion Programme in Spring

Tailor-made programme for a week to relax, enjoy and enhance your Spanish language!. Travel through the island and its culture. take the chance to live an enriching experience

Puerto soller 3

Spanish Intensive Programmes May

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The pre- and intermediate levels prepare us to be able to express our needs and opinions in more depth, to tell facts or stories, to hold proper conversations.... It is about immersing yourself further into the language and culture, here begins another part of the journey for which we have to use new guides and tools. Our backpack is a bit bigger, but don't worry, it's not heavy at all. Enjoy the journey!


Summer Intensive Programmes

Summer is always a good time! Also the perfect chance to take a leap and boost your Spanish. Just do it and enjoy this beautiful trip!