Learn Spanish at your own pace while enjoying Mallorca and immersing yourself in the local culture.

Learning Experiences


One-week Spanish Immersion Programme

One week programme to enhance your Spanish language!. Take the chance to learn what you really need and expect to feel more comfortable and integrated while you are living here.

Acantilado Cap B

Autumm Intensive Spanish Immersion Programmes

Autumn is a good time to focus and calmly start what you have been procrastinating for a long time. If you are total beginner or beginner, here you will find several options in order to become more proficient in the Spanish language.

Intensivo SLM 2

Special Immersive Spanish Programmes

Can you picture yourself attending an Immersive Spanish Programme in a wonderful Mallorcan manor house near the sea, and even staying there during the Programme if you wish?

Lonja palma slm 2

Spanish Immersion Programme for 2!

If you want to benefit from the experience of learning with only one more person more willing to actively engage with the task to achieve the goal, this is the immersion language programme for you.

Jardines hort

Spanish Immersion Programmes in Winter

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Take the next step and feel yourself more confident when speaking the Spanish language. This is a combination between lessons and learning in context to conquer your fear to speak.