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Learning a language as widely spoken as Spanish can really open up new possibilities, like improving your job prospects and business opportunities.

Spanish is great for travel: more than 500 million people use it. It is the second most used language in the US and a lot of schools and colleges are becoming bilingual in Europe.

Obviously, there are not only economic reasons: understanding others cultures, traveling, meeting new people and making new relationships, are all important reasons to consider learning another language that could greatly enrich your life.

No matter what your motivations and desires for learning, I offer different learning environments, tailor-made to help you on your journey in learning a second language.

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Private and group tuition

You can learn Spanish at your own pace with tailor-made lessons. Private tuition is the perfect option for those who cannot follow a regular schedule. One to one lessons allow you to make a quick leap in the language and design a plan according to your personal needs.

On the other hand, if you learn better with other people or prefer to work with a small group I offer private group tuition. Group tuition gives us the chance to meet other people, stimulate interaction, explore similar learning challenges and develop knowledge together.

No matter what your choice, both settings offer personalized teaching catering to each individual's needs.

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Immersive programmes

One of the best ways to learn another language is to submerse yourself in it. This is often the most efficient and memorable way to learn; it may seem obvious but as researchers have pointed out "that’s the way you learn your own language".

Immersive Programmes, including accommodation in Mallorca, are learning experiences designed with a purpose: being in an environment where you are exposed to the Spanish language in different and everyday scenarios to gain meaningful, real-world experience of using the language.

Immersive Programmes include accommodation as well as a range of enjoyable and interesting events, in order to make your stay in Mallorca a beautiful memory for years to come.

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Events & casual days

Meeting people, walking through Palma’s old city, discovering new customs and traditions, taking part in a Mediterranean cooking class and savoring our delicious food and flavorful wine, or imagine yourself cycling or hiking our beautiful island while improving your Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere.

Casual Days are great moments to practice what you are learning. While having fun trying new activities and experiences guided by experts, you will learn new words, expressions and practice your Spanish in an entirely new environment.

These activities or events will vary day-by-day, beginning in Palma de Mallorca and returning in the evening. Casual Days are the perfect complement to your learning process because they are an excellent opportunity to practice Spanish in real situations with native Spanish speakers.. and of course, me!

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