Private Wine Tasting

Wherever and whenever you want


The Wine Tasting

Organize your private Blind Wine Tasting and travel around a table with your friends or family to learn more about our culture, about local and Spanish wines. I propose a trip through a sensory experience.

This is a fun challenge where we will try blindly to express and describe sensations, feelings, emotions, likes, colours, smells, flavours.., and distinguish and guess some varieties. We will learn about wine culture and how to taste wine if necessary.

Have a good time and practise Spanish in a relaxed way. Participants do not need a specific level of Spanish. I prepare Tasting notes and guide material to help you during the Tasting and keep later if you wish.

I always select quality Spanish wines, white and red wine from Mallorca and also from different regions of Spain.

So, are you ready for this little game?


The group

This private event is perfect for a group of 10 people minimum but, of course, contact me to talk about other possibilities.

It is not necessary previous knowledge about the culture wine or how to taste wine. Remember that this is an event to enjoy and to approach more to our language and culture. If some people or the group, in general, have previous knowledge, it will be interesting to play and share it.

Once you have decided on a date, it is recommended to book the day of the event as soon as possible. To book, it is necessary to pay 50% of the total cost in advance.

Please, contact by email to specify details, cost and for further information.


Wherever and whenever you want. In your villa, house, holiday residence, on a boat... Just let me know where would be the perfect place for you.

I hope to see you soon!

Private Wine Tasting