Private and group tuition

You can learn Spanish at your own pace with tailor-made lessons. Private tuition is the perfect option for those who cannot follow a regular schedule. One to one lessons allow you to make a quick leap in the language and design a plan according to your personal needs.

By the other hand, if you are willing to share your time with a few people in a reduced group, you can choose an Intensive Programme or a Seasonal Course. Group tuition gives us the chance to meet other people, stimulate interaction, exploration, and knowledge. Intensive Programmes are for people who wish to make progress faster.

No matter your choice, I always attend your personal needs.

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Private and group tuition

How do I teach??

The learning method is based on the premise that we learn with experience, using the language in contexts.

1º we learn from mistakes

2º mistakes are corrected immediately, and with the use of a systematic repetition method, paying attention to the pronunciation, listening and speaking, learners quickly embrace and strengthen the learning acquired.

Sometimes we go through the Spanish language grammar, observing and finally working out the applicable rules. My role as a guiding teacher is to offer an intensive programme which enables you during your practice time to unfold a natural conversation with the constant repetition of conversation structures.

The idea of reflecting on the use of the language and trusting your instincts no matter if you make mistakes because these are the essence of the process in acquiring and perfecting a foreign language.

A revision of the learning process is done continually. Each lesson or programme includes its objectives and the arrangement is done with the objectives and the individual learning needs in mind.

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Private and group tuition

One-to-one tuition

If you prefer to learn Spanish through individual sessions, you can request one-to-one tuition by choosing between the options mentioned above: an Intensive Programme or Private lessons at any time by booking them in advance.

You are able to choose the best available location to carry out the lessons, it could be either in your office, home, at an open-air place, at my place… because the learning environment is not only one, there are uncountable!

I also can design an exclusive and enjoyable learning experience for you. Have a look at One Day Immersion or at Immersive Programmes in Mallorca to learn more.

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Private and group tuition

Group tuition

In order to keep a good and dynamic style up, Spanish Lessons Mallorca organises only very reduced groups.

Depending on your personal goals, you can choose an Intensive Programme or private tuition tailor-made for you or your group.

You will find Intensive Programmes of 20, 30, 40 and 60 hours, for beginners, A1 level*, basic, A2 level, pre and intermediate, B1, B2, and advanced level, C1 and C2. I always introduce outdoor activities in order to produce and practise the Spanish language in context, in a natural and real environment.

*Levels are fixed by the Council Europe and The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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Private and group tuition

Spanish Intensive Programmes

Prices per person for INTENSIVE SPANISH PROGRAMMES in small groups in Mallorca

  • Intensive Spanish Programmes of 20 hours: 210 euros per person
  • Intensive Spanish Programmes of 30 hours: 315 euros per person

Please, if you wish to book a Programme just for two people, ask for information.

In order to book your place or specific dates, payment in advance of 30% is required for the Intensive Programmes.

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