Learning Experiences

If you wish to make a real progress in your Spanish skills these Immersive Programmes are for you.

According to experts, Immersion language training doesn’t just work faster than traditional classroom language training—there’s mounting evidence that it works better, too.

Research has shown that the brains of adult immersion language learners process new languages in a more “native-like” way than the brains of adult classroom language learners.

Immersion training also leads learners to learn the language in a more natural way and prepares them for dealing with real-life situations in real-time. In addition to this, immersion learning allows learners to immerse in the language and culture simultaneously.

Immersion involves putting yourself in situations where you’re forced to speak and understand a language you don’t yet speak or understand.

With our Immersive Programmes, you will be able to enjoy curated experiences on the beautiful island of Mallorca, designed to improve your Spanish language base or take your language learning to the next level.

Located in different areas of Mallorca whether in Palma, in La Tramontana, inland, or lined right on the seafront, some of our Immersive Programmes include a range of carefully selected accommodations to achieve our purpose.

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Learning Experiences

Spanish Immersive Programmes

The main purpose of our Spanish Immersive Programmes is to learn through experience! During your stay, you will experience the best of what Mallorca has to offer, gain knowledge and love of the local culture and learn by taking part in active language lessons.

Active learning promotes a much deeper understanding, not simply memorisation of information. There is no better time to start learning and using a new language than now, and there is no better way than with our Immersive Programmes!

In combination with curated learning activities, daily Spanish sessions are tailored to guests in order to create a helpful and personalised atmosphere.

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Learning Experiences

Experience local culture

We are ready for new adventures! Are you?!

Are you ready to learn more about Spanish culture? To explore new places, talk to local people, learn how to prepare some local dishes, or taste delicious local food and wine? Or what about to wake up in the morning with a Yoga session and a genuine Mediterranean breakfast before our Spanish training? But, above all, are you ready to enjoy yourself and have fun while learning and improving your Spanish?

These are a few examples of daily activities that will be available during your stay, exact activities will be organised based on the season and directed by qualified professionals. If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to ask!

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Learning Experiences

Explore Mallorca

Of course, you will also have enough spare time to do other things and explore Mallorca for yourself.

Mallorca or 'La Roqueta' to the locals, is famous for its beautiful beaches, mountainous landscapes and outdoor sports such as cycling, sailing, snorkeling & walking. In Palma's Centro histórico, you can find a thriving restaurant scene, bustling local bars, art, and music.

Do not miss the chance to plunge into our culture and create treasured memories.

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Learning Experiences

Comfortable & private accommodation

In conjunction with some hotel partners, I can help you to find the right accommodation for you in nice hotel boutique if you prefer to stay in a hotel during your Spanish Programme.

Recommended accommodations are small, family-run establishments such as charming hotels in the area or an agritourism farm. The quiet area of Ses Salines is well connected to the sea, also by a bike road, and the salt pans, hence the name of the village, with really beautiful places and very close to other towns of interest such as Santanyí.

It is a comfortable area for cycling to different places along the coast, to the beach, to other calas or for example, to the lighthouse, or simply to go cycling, a sport that can be practiced all year round. Sea lovers will find a range of options in Colonia de St Jordi, from where it is possible to visit by boat the protected island Cabrera due to its biodiversity.

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