Street art in Palma

Art has always been present in Mallorca, especially in Palma. However, I think it is interesting to be attentive to works that for many visitors go unnoticed, both by internationally recognized artists, as well as interventions by local artists or absolute strangers.

The Palma old city and nearby streets are home to countless galleries, old and new, competing to display their valuable acquisitions. Some of them are part of my favourite tour through the city, not only because they enrich its content from a cultural point of view, but because they capture and renew interest in unique buildings that might otherwise go almost unnoticed by the visitor's eye.

But, I find very interesting all those works that we cannot find in a museum but on the street. Some, for example, are sculptures by internationally recognized artists. Others are wall paintings by well-known local artists. However, the city houses many works of urban art of unknown origin, even of a high artistic level.

Great pees of art Spanish Lessons Mallorca Urbano 2

The amount of good wall paintings by Mallorcan artists in Palma and the surroundings is surprising. Some come out to meet you when you just are looking up.

Arteurbano joan aguiló artistas locales SLM 2

But it does not end here. For the good observer and curious traveler, any city has routes to be explored with treasures waiting to be discovered. It is not about following or doing what is presented as obvious, but about going out to discover what many of the busy spaces are hiding. And this is where I enjoy the most. And I think in the end, it is a bit contagious ...

Thus, the conversations and practice revolve around multiple themes: art, artists, stories, questions, mysteries or urban legends. The goal is to put the language into practice in multiple different contexts. If you like art or anything related to art in any of its manifestations, this may be a good choice for you, as an experience to add to your Spanish Immersion Programme.

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You will find some learning experiences to complete the week-long Spanish Immersion Programme that you could combine only if it is possible to integrate them into the selected programme. The other option is to choose just one theme or concept according to your personal interests.

The rest of the learning experiences are designed with a specific programme or schedule.

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