Weekly Spanish classes in Ses Salines

Weekly Spanish classes in small groups twice a week in my quiet and pleasant place in Ses Salines

The weekly Spanish classes in small groups are held twice a week two hours per session in my quiet and nice place in Ses Salines. Why two hours? The class is generally structured in two parts:

  1. We learn new topics, how to use them and we practise them
  2. Practice only, review of what we have worked on so far and problem-solving

When we work in groups, each person's participation involves repetition and forces us to listen, identifying what is right and what is wrong, which is a good exercise, however, everyone has less time to practice speaking. For this reason, two hours, well structured and with different activities, is not a lot of time actually, when you are interacting it goes by very fast.

Spanish Learning 1

Frequency, schedule and conditions

This is the frequency and schedule I propose in order to achieve a minimum or specific level in the medium term:

  • 2 hours per session twice a week, so 4 hours per week
  • on Tuesdays and Thursdays (from 4 pm until June, although we can discuss the timetable)
  • 3 attendants minimum
  • commitment of at least one month, only monthly payments are accepted, not single lessons when attending in a group

Please note that the minimum number of hours required for total beginners is 20. So, also, for this reason, I propose at least 4 hours a week.