Weekend Spanish language Immersion Programme

Fun and dynamic language learning experience. A great opportunity to learn and practice in a relaxed environment among friends.

What is the intention? The aim is to have a pleasant, fun, and enjoyable language learning experience, a chance to practising your Spanish in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, like at a get-together with friends. In the group, you will find Spanish professionals like me who will help the conversations flow, and make you feel comfortable at all times.

There will be different group and one-to-one techniques aimed at improving oral expression, speaking naturally, increasing confidence and achieving fluency, and above all, losing the fear of speaking in Spanish.

Spanish Learning 4


First weekend of March, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd.

There are always participants from all over the world in the programmes, making it an enriching, intercultural, knowledge-sharing experience with the possibility of making new friends.


The first part will be mainly dedicated to getting to know each other and chatting about whatever we feel like, always with help, remember that someone will be there, like me for example, to help during the conversations.

Saturday, 2nd of March

  • Start at 10 am
  • Lunch at 1 pm
  • End at 3 pm

Sunday, 3rd of March

  • Start at 10 am
  • Lunch at 1 pm
  • End at 3 pm


  • 150 euros per person, lunch included.

Notice that it is necessary to book in advance, especially to organize the lunch.