Summer Intensive Programmes

Summer is always a good time! Also the perfect chance to take a leap and boost your Spanish. Just do it and enjoy this beautiful trip!

Structure, approach, and purpose

  • These weekly Intensive Programmes have been distributed in 3-hour sessions for 2 weeks.
  • First of all, my programmes have a communicative approach to the language, so we focus on conversational skills. Secondly and no less important, my groups are always small, because the perfect structure to work needs a reduced number of attendants.
  • Our general purpose is to be able to express our needs related to diverse circumstances, improve our level of comprehension, and gain confidence when we are holding a conversation. And of course, have fun and enjoy the maximum of the adventure of learning. Are you ready to get involved in my proposal?
Torrent de pareix 2


  • Dynamic and interactive morning sessions. The goal of beginners is to learn to solve tasks in different contexts, so we need first to learn how to do it. However, people with previous knowledge of the language require training and go deeper in comprehension and expression skills according to their level and needs. So, first, we need to identify our level and choose the right option.
  • Combination of a range of outdoor activities during our Spanish sessions in a relaxed and natural environment to practice oral expression and train listening comprehension. To do this, we will expose ourselves to different, real, and spontaneous situations. The variation of the activities will depend on the level and interests of the participants as well. Once you book your Programme, you will receive a simple test that you should complete and send as soon as possible. It is very important to me to know your interests and motivations to learn so, you can choose some of the proposed activities. In general, we spend most of our time outdoors, especially in summer! Why? Also because immersion means connection with a natural atmosphere
  • Depending on the level, an evening session of approximately 2.5 hours to enjoy a small surprise experience to practice Spanish and also with local people. I can assure you that you will enjoy it!
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If you wish to join, notice that it is necessary to book the programme well in advance!


  • For Intensive Programmes of at least 3 participants, 315 euros per person, materials included.
  • For just two people or for a private Programme tailored for you or for a group whenever you wish, please, ask for a budget. Prices may vary depending on the number of participants.

Extra expenses, if applicable, are not included.