Special Immersive Spanish Programmes

Can you picture yourself attending an Immersive Spanish Programme in a wonderful Mallorcan manor house near the sea, and even staying there during the Programme if you wish?

Live this special language learning experience in November! This is not just a learning experience, is really more than this. Why?

This programme allows you to live a unique and memorable experience, a retreat in an amazing place in Son Servera, near Artà, while you learn and improve your basic Spanish language skills, learn more about our culture, and have the opportunity to participate in different activities, even yoga if you wish. I promise you that every day you will be motivated by the challenge.

Special Intens Spanish Programme Aug 2

What are my options?

a) Just attend the Spanish Programme of a minimum 20 hours, in the morning, without staying in this wonderful Mallorcan manor house located in a beautiful and natural environment close to the sea

b) Attend our 30-hour Special Programme, participating in different and fun group activities to complete your training in Spanish through a total and active immersion oriented to use the language to the maximum in each of the proposed activities, in which you and only you will be the real protagonist of the programme to successfully achieve your goal

b) Attend the Immersive Programme with accommodation and wake up each morning at this gorgeous, characteristic, and ancient Mallorcan manor house

In addition, in the morning you can participate in daily yoga sessions before starting the Spanish sessions whether you are staying or not. These sessions are an extra charge which is not included in the price of the Immersive Spanish Programme or the accommodation

If you want to learn or enhance your language skills as a beginner but do not want to come alone or your partner would like to join you during the week, ask for the possibilities when booking the programme. He or she also could participate in different activities or just rest here with you during the week

Immersion involves putting yourself in situations where you’re forced to speak and understand a language you don’t yet speak or understand. It is the sink-or-swim method of language learning

Schedule, dates, and duration

  • From 6th to 10th of November at 9 am
  • Every morning Spanish session will last 4 hours
  • If you decide to take the whole programme we will go on for some hours more doing different and fun activities, only aimed at speaking the language, but not every day of the week, so you will have also your free time to do other things
  • If you decide to live the full experience and stay in the villa, you will be very welcome from the 11th of September
Intensivo mar sept 3

The accommodation has limited space, so if you also wish to stay do not hesitate and book well in advance. This is also a retreat so your partner can join you if you wish

A really good investment, why?

Learning a new language is always an investment in oneself, but there are investments that really pay off. In this case, because

  • you are going to learn something new and useful, something you really expect to learn
  • we will be in a beautiful and peaceful place, perfect for our purpose, in a green area and very close to the sea, which is really an added plus difficult to find...
  • you will enjoy the company, I can assure you this, the group, like always, will be small
  • you can stay in this wonderful place and enjoy your own retreat
  • you can add extras to make your learning experience even more complete and delightful
  • the area is truly beautiful, and you will have free time to do other things, of course, and to disconnect as well
  • your teacher, which will be me, has also a lot of experience of working with groups, so you can rest assured
  • and last but not least, you will take back home with you a memorable experience, and that is also very valuable

Prices, though not really the value...

Prices will vary depending on the type of experience you wish to have.

  • If you are only attending this Special Immersive Spanish Programme with a minimum of 20 hours in this amazing environment for one week, the price for the classes only will be 265 euros, yes you read it right!
  • If you want to take the whole programme of 30 hours and add accommodation ask for a quote
  • If you would also like to participate in the meditation and yoga sessions, before the Spanish language programme, to prepare yourself, focus better during the classes, and start your day in a fantastic way and mood, you must add an extra 125 euros for 5 group sessions. If you do not wish to do 5 group sessions, please ask me for information on exactly what you would like to add
  • If you would also like to stay in this wonderful possessió, regardless of the programme you choose, please ask me for a quote in order to know what would be included. Remember that your partner could join you in this case. I will be happy to help you.

I will stay there during the week, so it will be easy to create a joyful time for all of us.

So, are you going to miss this opportunity to enjoy this special immersive learning experience?

I hope you won't. Hasta pronto.