Spanish & Water Sports

Live a great week, learning or improving your Spanish in a fun and easy way, while you also have the chance to practise some water sports!

If you are thinking of starting to learn Spanish or simply improving it, and also, you would do it without hesitation if you had the opportunity to combine the classes with the practice of some exciting water sport or other interesting practice for our well-being, this is your Spanish program.

Where does this Spanish Intensive Programme take place?

This Spanish Intensive Programme takes place in Palma, in the area called Ciudad Jardin.

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Inspirational activities to learn Spanish and everything you need to experience a fantastic week, including beautiful sunsets on your paddleboard.

Price includes

  • Interactive Spanish sessions of two hours, from Monday to Friday, with a break.
  • One paddle-surf session to learn if you are a beginner and the paddleboard to practise.
  • One paddle-surf session more to practise with the group.
  • One yoga session on your paddleboard at the sunset.

Amenities & Facilities

  • Materials to practise Spanish and your paddleboard
  • The option of various routes by bicycle and connection of the bike lane with the center of Palma
  • Easy and next connection by public transport with Palma
Paddle Spanish Lessons Mallorca

If you are a sea lover, it is possible to do incredibly beautiful paddle routes and at the same time discover perfect places to snorkel or dive


If our dates proposed are not suitable for you, please, contact me to find other alternatives.

Please, remember...

  • Reservations in advance are advisable
  • We can also carry out a Tailor-made Spanish Immersive Programme and on the dates you wish

I hope to see you soon!