Immersion Programme July

An entire week to disconnect, relax and renew energy, immerse yourself in the local culture while learning or improving your Spanish. This Programme includes charming Majorcan style accommodation in a beautiful place surrounded by nature.

Sometimes we want to learn a language or improve our language skills but we are procrastinating or we cannot find the time. On the other hand, we need to disconnect from our usual routines, which is not easy, to connect with a suitable atmosphere or context to reach our purpose.

These Spanish Immersion Programmes are designed to provide the ideal environment to achieve that disconnection with the usual routine and thus help you achieve the goal of learning while enjoying. Because when we enjoy something, we feel motivated, relaxed and this helps us in our goals.

Living as opposed at staying

It is about living the local lifestyle instead of staying. It is about experiencing the place more intensely through the exploration of the local area and connect with local people. This is the real immersion process. It is true that this is possible to do it in an urban area, but the rural and natural environments allow us a different approaching and to develop relationships with locals.

By the other hand, you can cooperate with the local community by shopping around or doing different activities and in this way, supporting small businesses.

The Programme

Progr int

This Spanish Immersion Programme introduces a new concept by training your Spanish language skills in a natural environment by including some techniques in order to increase concentration and memory, as well as mental agility regarding the challenge of speaking another language. So, this Programme includes:

  • Accommodation in a charming Mallorcan Finca or Hotel Rural with all commodities and swimming pool
  • Diary healthy breakfast with local and seasonal products
  • Short morning mindfulness practice through meditation techniques. After my experience teaching people with high responsibilities in general, very busy most of the time, or for different reasons, I think it is really helpful to spend a short time, before starting our session or Spanish lessons, to improve concentration ability as a strategy to facilitate the learning process and, incidentally, develop memory
  • Some stretching techniques (in Spanish) after the brief meditation, useful also for your day by day
  • Morning Spanish language sessions of 3 hours, where we will learn, practise the language through different activities in the Finca and also in the village
  • Two workshops in the afternoon where we will cook healthy food together, taste local wines and we will learn how to make the popular and medicinal herbs. However, some activities can vary depending on your likes or interests in the local culture

The Finca

Prices including accommodation

Finca Hotel with swimming pool and suites for 8 guests.

All rooms have beautiful views with ensuite bathroom and are equipped with air conditioner. Prices including accommodation are for two guests and seven nights.

  • Suite 50m for 2 guests: 1575 €
  • Suite Superior double 60 m for 2 guests: 1625 €
  • Suite Superior double 60m for 2 guests: 1625 €
  • Junior Suite 70m for 2 guests: 1700 €

It is possible to add an extra bed in the rooms, the price for each one per night is 30 €.

Flights, transfer Airport-Hotel, meals and activities out of the scheduled Programme are not included in the price.

Remember that it is also possible to make a tailor-made programme, for a group or individual. You just should request it in advance to schedule at your convenience. It will be a pleasure to help you.