Wine Time, September

September is still time of harvest and the vineyards bustle with activity. This Programme is for wine lovers or for those who are interested in our wine culture. A beautiful scenery and context to learn, improve or practise the Spanish language.

Wine also has its language, as does the land. And we could say that the land speaks through wine. We can interpret a wine by tasting it, but it is also interesting to know its creators and the place where it is made.

Wine lovers know that they can find many differences in wine from the same winery each year. They know that many factors depend on the quality of the wine, in addition to know-how, technique, knowledge, decisions at a given moment and the love that goes into it. Small wineries are usually more interesting than large wine producers because there is usually a passion, that pushes them to continue despite the difficulties, and more personal work.

I invite you for a week not only to learn or improve your Spanish but also to know well or enjoy the culture of wine in some beautiful places in Mallorca.


  • 90-minute sessions every morning from Monday to Friday
  • Tuesday: Sensory wine tasting. The wine to taste and the wine culture becomes our common thread to practice different aspects of both, Spanish language and culture. Over the tasting, we describe and talk about both perceptions and sensations. We learn and develop our vocabulary and little by little we lose our fear of speaking in a group.

After our initial tasting, we are more prepared to hit the road and visit some of the most important small local wineries. Every day, we will do a different route.

  • Wednesday: Visit a cellar (e.g, Santa Maria, Binissalem)
  • Thursday: Visit a cellar
  • Friday: we go to a local market where we will find, among other things, some interesting wine shops

This Spanish Immersion Programme of 20 hours is developed on mornings from Monday to Friday.

Prices per person

Prices for very reduced groups are 275 euros per person.

Please, note that it is advisable to book in advance. If you cannot attend the proposed dates, contact me to check other possibilities or to create your tailor-made programme for you or your group.

Come and enjoy one of the most enjoyable Spanish Immersion Programmes!