Semi-Intensive Spanish Programme for 8 weeks

If you are struggling with the language and the timetable, this new Spanish Programme during October and November to overcome beginner status is for you.

If you would like to attend a semi-Intensive Spanish Programme, in order to overcome the total beginner phase, and you are willing to commit yourself during the months of October and November, this Spanish course of a minimum of 70 hours is perfect for you.

Why am I saying "willing to commit yourself"? If you do it we can not only get our main goal, but we can even go further for two reasons:

  1. I only work with very reduced groups, so you will have a lot of opportunities to use the language
  2. My method, based on a communicative approach, is a combination of techniques to reach our purpose and overcome every single phase, feeling more confident every day.

But, I also need your personal commitment because this is necessary too! I always say that I am not a miracle maker.., but if you take it seriously for two months you absolutely will achieve your goal and even more.

Talkshops 3

3 extra outdoor activities

Practice, practice, practice. This is very important, both in and out of class. And that's why we are going to do it in other informal settings, what starts as a Talkshop -with my help- but turns into another lively meeting.

During these two months, we will have at least 3 outdoor activities on Friday, to speak more, connect with other people and also very importantly, have fun!

Levels, our goals

This Spanish Programme is designed to overcome the A1 and A2 levels, including all the language skills which are necessary

Our main goals

-Being able to solve everyday tasks or communication situations, in real life, regardless the context

-Expressing our needs with confidence

-Gaining fluency according to our level and overcoming the fear of making mistakes

Schedule, dates, and duration

  • From Monday to Thursday, 4 days a week in the evening
  • 2 hours per session: from 6.30 to 8.30 pm
  • From the 2nd of October
  • For 8 weeks

So, do not miss this opportunity if you really want to make a leap, boost your Spanish, be fluent according to your level, gain confidence, and at the same time, enjoy the experience.

I give you the chance, now it is in your hands... ¡Hasta pronto!