Disfruta de la esencia del más puro estilo de vida mediterráneo

Pure mediterranean lifestyle

Enjoy the essence of the purest Mediterranean lifestyle. Simply relax while immersing yourself in local life and live a great experience

Enjoy the essence of the purest Mediterranean lifestyle. Take time for yourself, savour every moment and the atmosphere surrounding you. Enjoy the little things, the intense light, the sea, the sunsets, the simple but delicious food, a good wine, the company, or completely on your own, with no specific timetable or programming.

Live an authentic experience

Mediterraneo estilo immersion slm

Approach our culture differently and live an authentic experience in a beautiful traditional Mallorcan house with a hostess, me, who loves the local culture and enjoys teaching and guiding people who are passionate about the Mediterranean culture as well, who are interested also in practising or learning some Spanish but want to live a genuine experience in a wonderful setting such as the island of Mallorca. Undoubtedly a unique opportunity.

So, is there a schedule?

No, there is not. It is about living an experience among locals, living together and immersing yourself in the local environment and culture naturally, without classes or formal programming. It is a proven fact that you learn a lot when you live among natives and spend quality time with them. Especially, because we feel much more relaxed, we can learn more because we associate the communicative content with the circumstances.

Some of my proposals

Puromediterraneo immersion slm

My proposals are associated with what has become popular among Spaniards as mediterranear (a new verb concerning our lifestyle not formally recognised).

In this experience I propose you travel through local gastronomy and enjoy a local event in a special and very authentic place, so you will be able to enjoy if you wish:

  • Special dinner with local products, of course
  • A surprising and fun night event

In this case, if you are interested in these activities, please let me know in advance.

What are you waiting for to approach our Mediterranean culture differently?

Your stay

You can see on my website the beautiful place where you will stay with me while staying in Mallorca. The house is located on the outskirts of a picturesque village, Ses Salines, 5 km from the most spectacular beaches of Mallorca and very close to the charming Santanyí, which has probably one of the most visited local markets on the island during the weekends because of its attractiveness.

Mediterran immersion slm

Only it is possible for one or two people who will stay in a cosy and bright double room with a big bathroom ensuite and a dressing room. The beds also can be separated.


  • Stays are for one-week minimum, although it would be possible to extend them if it is possible. Remember that the purpose is not just to stay but to live an immersive experience
  • It is necessary to book in advance. Please, email me and tell me something about you, your interests and if you know something about our culture, the language, if you had a previous immersive experience before, or if you are learning Spanish, etc.
  • It is important to understand that this is an opportunity for a culturally immersive experience. Being respectful of the place, the environment and the people around you as well as being aware of where you will stay is an essential part of the possibility of enjoying this and other experiences
Mediterraneo inmersion slm

How to book and recommendations

There are no specific dates so choose the dates and contact me well in advance to see if it is possible. Consider the usual months of the high season to search for flights or other personal needs.

Other suggestions

I can help you to create a wonderful tailor-made experience for you. I am in contact with other professionals in case, for example, you would like to rent a more professional or specific style of bike, have a great experience in a special and local beach restaurant, or sail on a traditional fish boat with a local fisherman! Just let me know what will make your immersive experience simply great.


Prices may vary depending on the length of the experience, the small but special experiences you add and whether it is for one or two people.
Please, contact me for this information.

I hope to see you soon around. ¡Hasta pronto!