One Day Immersion in a rural place

This Spanish Language and Culture Programme is for those who want to make a real leap just in one day and naturally improve their level of Spanish.

Attendants will have more opportunities to speak through a complete experience with an interesting range of options and put in practice what they have been learning continues, overcoming the fear of speaking in groups.


La Foravila is a rural finca located in the countryside, near Felanitx and some of the most beautiful coves and small beaches in Mallorca. The picturesque town of Portocolom is a few kilometres away. It is well-known for its beautiful natural harbour.

The Concept

These One Day Spanish Immersion Programmes are a new concept on Mallorca island. These Programmes are focused on offering you a natural and friendly environment, where you can enhance your ability to express yourself naturally and your ability of comprehension of the Spanish language through different activities that you can freely choose.

Following a circular method, you will find conversation groups with natives, the possibility of taking a class in Spanish about some aspects of the language and the option of attending pleasant workshops always in Spanish.

We will celebrate our Programmes on Saturdays from 9.30 in the morning until 5.30 in the afternoon. Enjoy a full day of immersion in Spanish, where we start with meaningful sessions to facilitate the learning process, continue with practical conversation in groups, lunch and finish with stimulating and fun workshops or experiences, always related to culture, local lifestyle, cooking and some surprises included.

Kilometer Zero

We follow the Slow Food concept and commit to Kilometer Zero products.

In our immersion objective, we travel to the local roots, in the on-site production of fresh fruits and vegetables, natural herbs, production of wine, spirits, local cuisine, handicrafts ..., and we strictly consume both the products collected in the orchard or the area of proximity, as well as natural drinks or wines of the land.

You can experience firsthand everything related to manufacturing processes and take any of the products participating in a workshop.

The Programme

The One Day Immersion Programme in La Foravila includes:

  • Morning mindful breakfast to start our day
  • Morning Spanish session, depending on the level, we will practise how to solve some useful issues about everyday communication
  • Practical conversation with natives through enjoyable group techniques
  • Lunch group with Kilometer Zero products
  • Workshops to continue learning in an alternative, interesting and fun way.

The maximum number of participants is 10 people.

Enrol in the adventure of La Foravila with H_Able Spanish Lessons Mallorca.

Never learning was so easy and fun!