Are you on holiday in the area of Santanyí and wish to learn Spanish or enhance your language skills?

Intensive Programmes in the Santanyí area

New Spanish Intensive programmes from August in the beautiful area of Santanyí! Are you around this summer and do you wish to learn or enhance your conversational skills? Let's go!

In my opinion, it is very important to make an effort, in the beginning, to see results in a short term. These programmes are like training, a language training. When we wish to get a goal we focus on it for a period of time until we start to notice a change, some people need more time, other people achieve their goals quicker. But by training, everybody gets them!

These Spanish Intensive Programmes are aimed at people who wish to acquire in a short period of time a basic level that will allow them to solve everyday tasks and hold simple conversations in usual contexts. But also, if you have a basic level and you want and expect to make a real leap, these programmes are designed to get your purpose.

During the Intensive Programmes, we will

  • practise conversational skills from the very beginning
  • fortify our capacity to express ourselves
  • gain confidence and security

If your level is pre-intermediate or intermediate, please, contact me. We also can organize a small private group or private sessions tailor-made for you.

Salinas atardecer

Description of the Intensive Programmes

  • Group Spanish Intensive Programmes in a very reduced group (3 / 4 attendants maximum)
  • Adults only
  • Programmes of 30 hours in total over 2 weeks, starting on the 1st of August for beginners
  • From Monday to Friday (3 hours a day)
  • With materials related to our sessions
  • Focused on enhancing conversation skills, how to solve tasks in daily life and gaining confidence.

Dates and locations

  • From the 1st of August
  • Area of Ses Salines and Santanyí


  • 300 euros per person in groups of at least 3 people.
  • 450 euros per person in super-reduced groups of just 2 people.

Please, do not hesitate and ask for further information and possibilities according to your personal needs.