Immersion only for women

A different experience for women who are looking to savour a slow life for a few days, eat healthy, share, pamper and immerse themselves in the Mediterranean culture and the Spanish language, as well as fully enjoy this beautiful place in Mallorca.

If you are looking for disconnection from routine, a space to focus on yourself, eat healthy, have a restorative massage, walk, cycle, practise some yoga or swim in wonderful places with turquoise waters, and, of course, staying in a beautiful traditional Mallorcan house, this proposal is definitely for you.

I propose you experience the slow Mediterranean life while enjoying and diving into the culture and the Spanish language. Be my guest and let me be your guide through this beautiful journey.

  • Know some of the secrets of our Mediterranean cuisine. Eating healthy and resting are the most important for our well-being, also to be ready to learn or do new things
  • Take time for chilling and sleep well in a very quiet villa located on the outskirts of a small village in the south of Mallorca, close to wonderful beaches to swim, walk and relax
  • Take a body massage or two with a professional here or in the village. I know very good professionals who I usually work with
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  • If you love to practise sport, this area is perfect for cycling, running or swimming. I can help you to find the perfect areas for it and the suitable bike if that is the case, i.e.
  • Share some time and learn about our culture and Spanish language through casual conversations and formal tuition if you wish. I will share with you some Mediterranean and healthy recipes and some of our secrets to preparing delicious and simple dishes
  • Take a beauty session to pamper yourself as you deserve during your time here
  • I also will share with you what I have been learning for years related to health issues and how to feel healthier and happier every single day. I can help you with some meaningful practices to start your day from my restorative yoga practice to feeling good every day, very important to achieve our personal goals. Remember that I am a yoga teacher as well, so it will be a pleasure to help you

The place

Be my guest in this inspiring, beautiful and traditional Majorcan villa. Stay in a super double bedroom with a king-size bed for two that is possible to separate, a big bathroom ensuite and a dressing room. The house has enough space to get some privacy like a big garden, different terraces, and a pool with space to chill.

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Stay in this inspiring place to recharge yourself and embrace the slow life for a while

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The price

First of all, choose the dates and contact me to check availability well in advance. After this, decide if you want to take formal tuition or not, just casual conversations to practise or during our time together. The price includes:

  • Accommodation in a double room with a dressing room and a private bathroom ensuite, as well as a healthy breakfast in the morning. You can use the common spaces as the kitchen, the living, etc
  • Learn more about our healthy cuisine like how to prepare some Mediterranean dishes. If you want even to dive more, I can help you learn how to choose a good Spanish or local wine depending on the food
  • Healthy practices that I have been learning for the last 16 years to keep fit and feel better every day no matter our age, some of them from Ayurveda practice...
  • At least, one delicious dinner and wine tasting with local products (wine is optional, not necessary)
  • Conversational Spanish (depending on your stage) or formal tuition to be able to dive into our culture and language

We can adjust some of these proposals. The price can change, for example, if it is only for you or someone else. Please, contact me for further information.

¬°Hasta pronto!