Group Spanish Intensive Programme in Ses Salines

Take the next step and feel yourself more confident when speaking the Spanish language. This is a combination between lessons and learning in context to conquer your fear to speak.

I always ask people who want to learn and make progress on how they feel when they speak Spanish in real situations. A fundamental aspect is practice in context, the actual use of the language in natural situations even in the simplest of them all. Any practice in a real context helps us to make progress. The setting is also important.

Feeling comfortable in the new language you are learning is part of the experience. And that is what, in addition to helping you in your learning process, I want you to experience.

Learning with your fellow "travelers" in this experience also usually creates a bond and complicity along the way. And it is really rewarding to see the mutual support in small groups.

And this is what we will experience during these weeks, are you in?

Intensivo slm sessalines


  • Group Spanish Intensive Programme for upper-beginners, level A2.2, in very reduced groups
  • Adults only
  • Programmes of 30 hours for 2 weeks each, check the dates for every programme, so 60 hours for 4 weeks in total if you wish to achieve the full A2 level
  • From Monday to Friday
  • Morning lessons, from 11 am to 2 pm
  • Materials related to our sessions included
  • Developed in several places with a combination of different activities during the programme


  • From the 10th to the 21st of June


  • To access the A2.2 level it is necessary to have previously passed level A2.1


For groups of at least 3 attendants, the price for a programme of 30 hours is 315 euros per person, including materials.