Yes! I am also a certified Yoga teacher for the EIY and I have been practising for more than 13 years. Yoga is integrated in my life and I think it can be really powerful when we need to liberate the "monkey" mind from our daily routines or concerns and start a new learning process.

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Yoga & Spanish language Training

Why Yoga and Spanish training? This is an exclusive tailor-made proposal for you

This proposal is for people who like Yoga or think it would be interesting to introduce slow and restorative Yoga before starting the language training.

Yoga is not just a combination of Asanas or poses, it is about conscious breathing, it is about the alignment of body, mind, energy, and also intelligence (the creative mind).

When we work on it, our capabilities are surprisingly increased, we are more creative, we are able to think clearly, solve practically any circumstance, learn easily, and get our purposes.

So, if we practise a little bit of Yoga in the morning before starting our tasks, we will notice the impact on our body and mind, and of course, our brain!! It is like being more awake. A good way to start our Spanish language training, isn't it?

Yoga Spanish


The total programme would be around three hours in the morning:

-Morning Yoga sessions of seventy-five minutes. The practice includes conscious breathing, short meditation, and some asanas according to your needs.

-Break for breakfast or brunch

-Spanish training of one hour and a half or two hours, it depends on your goals and time.

If you prefer a longer session, just let me know. Of course, this is my proposal but we can make a private tailor-made programme exclusively for you or for your group. Just let me know what your needs are.


Whenever you want because this is an exclusive tailor-made proposal for you or your group. The only requirement is to contact me well in advance to offer you the best experience and exactly the dates you expect.

Yoga & Spanish language Training

access_time At least 3 hours

location_on Mallorca

euro It depends on the schedule

people_outline Individual or private group