One Day Immersion

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Speak Spanish most spontaneously and naturally possible, gain confidence and fluency as well as lose the scenic fear of speaking in a group, or with another person, in multiple contexts.

What is the One Day Immersion Programme?

A day of 3,5 hours in which we will practise Spanish continuously and do different tasks enjoyably.

It is also possible to reserve two days with the same duration. You just have to indicate it and contact to book well in advance.

Who can do it?

Adults interested in learning or improving their Spanish, and also those who want a day of continuous practice and immersion in the culture and local lifestyle.

Choose your place

  1. Palma City
  2. La Foravila, in the countryside

Are you a city lover or do you prefer immersion in the authentic local life of the island?

How to decide on the most suitable option for me?

This one-day-Immersion Programme in Palma adapts to the possibilities offered by the city and its lifestyle. We will move around the ancient city as well as some of its most chic and popular neighbourhoods.

Throughout the day, we will not only talk about different topics, but you will have to solve some situations, for example, tasks that require interacting with other people in different contexts.

The Programme in La Foravila is developed in a rural environment. It is aimed at those who seek contact with genuinely rural, authentic and traditional life, for those who wish to delve into the essence of the island. This programme has a different duration, please, check the information that is available above.

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What includes?

  • Good breakfast at 9, always at a local place.
  • We continue with the programme until 1 pm.

How do I reserve?

Send an email with your details and indicate if you want an individual immersion day or for a group. If you would like to participate in a group immersion day but you have no one to do it with, I will provide you with the next dates of organized programmes.

In the email, you should indicate your level of Spanish, for what you learn Spanish and interests in general.

Never learning was so easy and fun!

One Day Immersion

access_time Choose your date

access_time From 9 am to 12.30 pm

location_on Choose your location: Palma old town or La Foravila, in a rural area

euro 1 person, 90 €. Discounts from 2 people

restaurant Includes breakfast