5 days, 5 concepts. In & out.

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5 days, 5 concepts. In & Out.

Spanish language training to further enhance your expression skills by developing roles into a range of contexts.

We mainly will work around five CONCEPTS from and according to the following purposes and B1 level (pre-intermediate):

  1. How to express personal interests, purposes, expectations and experiences in the Spanish language to get a goal
  2. How to express feelings and emotions according to different situations
  3. How to ask and give instructions apart from expressing or asking for suggestions, by using the direct and no direct style
  4. Description and analysis from a situation by using and contrasting past tenses
  5. How to build an argument to introduce or justify a concept by defending our personal opinion concerning an issue

As you can see, we will need to use different tenses, temporary marks, specific vocabulary, etc., for every task and situation.

Dates and duration of sessions

This Spanish language training will be developed over 5 Saturdays. Starting the 26tt of October and finishing on the 30th of November, excluding the 2nd of November. Two hours per session and a maximum of six people. We will work in the old Palma city, in & out, on different and inspirational locations if it is necessary to get our goals.

Levels and schedule

It is aimed at B1 level (pre-intermediate). If you have doubts about your level, contact me in order to get a trial session before starting the event.

  • B1 level
  • From 9,30 am
  • 2 hours per session


  • 100 euros per person (with a minimum of 3 people)


  • You will receive the information in the scheduled programme once you book your place via email

(Notice that this proposal is not about to work in a classic classroom, we will work in and out so I always suggest taking a notebook..)