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Hello! My name is Ana and I am living in the historical centre of Palma de Mallorca, in the charming location of Barrio de Calatrava. I love it because its a magical place full of surprising corners full interesting of history.

Hello , I am Ana

I am from Madrid and studied Spanish Language and Literature in Madrid’s Universidad Complutense. During the years I have had continuous academic training specializing in Spanish for foreign students through a Masters in Valencia University and the Instituto Cervantes even though the best school has been proven to be the daily life!Hola

My first experience as a Spanish teacher was twenty years ago… Time flies!! I was involved with teaching through intercultural programmes in Madrid. Back then I understood how gratifying and rewarding this profession is due to the contact with people with different backgrounds and nationalities.

In this blog you will find my humble contribution to ….

I hope that if you go ahead with learning Spanish the experience becomes a pleasant one for you as much as for me teaching it. We will keep in touch through the blog or if you decide to give it a go, personally here in Mallorca.

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