Summer Spanish Programmes for kids 2019

About the Project


Different education expertises agree about why kids should get ahead learning a second language.

Professionals in education as well as professionals that work directly with children or kids have established that there are several benefits associated with learning an additional language and even multiple languages. The linguistic abilities of the child are greatly enhanced. In addition to this, learning a second language has been found to increase the creative output of the child as well as their cognitive abilities.

As children become adults, they will live and work in a society that is considered to be global. It is a known fact that most careers involve working and interacting with individuals from different regions of the world on a regular basis. Additionally, there will likely be local business interactions in a person’s career that will require them to interact with someone who does not speak English natively. By learning a second or even a third language, students will grow into adults that have the capability to interact with others in a successful manner.

Many professionals agree that focusing on a foreign language provides a child with an opportunity to increase their skills in cognitive based problem solving. These types of problem solving skills involve the use of in-depth critical considerations, mental flexibility, as well as moderate levels of creativity. Students that have learned a second language or are in the process of learning a second language have been evaluated on standardized testing procedures used in schools. Surprisingly, these children received higher scores in more than just the verbal aspect of the tests. They also scored higher in math.


By the other hand, physical education has a great role to play in the personality development of children through sport activities. It also has an impact on their ability to learn and their educational growth. There is always a chance of building up a positive relationship between psychological development and involvement in physical activities. Physical education makes up part of the basis of children’s early personality development.

Skills that are picked up during physical education and sports have a big impact on the holistic growth of your child. They will be learning about the important values of teamwork, fair play and respect for each other. It also offers them a forum to learn how to cope with competition. The learning aspects bring to the fore the importance of sports and games for the social development of a child.

“Sport and games are not only a great way to unite diverse groups of people, but they are also a great source of inspiration and entertainment”. Adity Chopra, 2015


The main goal is to learn or improve the Spanish language while developing their personal skills. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is also one of our aims.

  • 4,30 hours morning programme: from 9 am to 1,30 pm with a break of 30 minutes to take a snack
  • Groups are limited to 16 participants
  • It is possible to enroll your kids for 1, 2, 3 weeks or for 1 month
  • Spanish language training with educational outdoor games with a native and qualified Spanish tutor and monitor of sports. Kids will practice outdoor activities like
  1. Team building games specifically focused on the Spanish language learning and development of personal skills
  2. Beach Voley
  3. Morning acro-yoga kids (optional and depending on the age)
  4. Master Chef for kids (once a week), focused on healthy habits and food while having fun


  • Price for weekly programmes: 220 € per week including all materials and Civil responsibility insurance
  • Discounts for families: get a discount if two or more of your children are enrolled in our programmes!
  • Price for monthly programmes: 680 € a month (4 weeks), including all materials and Civil responsibility insurance

Prices are not including transport and meals, so they should bring a bagpack with water and some snacks to have during the break.

They also should bring light and comfortable sport clothes, a cup, solar cream protector, one towel and their swimsuit.


We will be based and develop the most of our summer Programmes in Playa de Palma in C/ Gregal. Our meeting point will be in Avda. Bartomeu Riutort with C/ Gregal.

Will offered all the activities entirely in Spanish in order to achieve a total linguistic immersion.

Spanish teachers and monitors are native, qualified, passionate about sports and the last but not least, they love to work with kids.

We would love to see you there!

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