Spanish Talkshop

About the Project

Spanish Talkshop in Palma: a guided session to gain confidence and fluency in Spanish.

Join me / us if you are interested in practising SPANISH with a native Spanish teacher and meeting new people while we are spending a good time. The Spanish Talkshop is not a course, it is a guided session to improve your conversational skills.

Level, price and location

  • Level: intermediate (from B1).
  • Price: 10 € per person. Duration: 1 hour.
  • Location: In Santa Catalina.


On Wednesdays at 1.30 pm.

General goals

  • Gain confidence and security.
  • Gain fluency during the process.
  • Improve your level of comprehension and pronunciation.
  • Fortify your capacity to express yourself.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Debug your mistakes by taking them as a positive aspect for your learning.
  • Learn by practising, by doing.
    And … Enjoy!.

Contact me for further information or book your place here.

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