Spanish Talkshop in Palma

About the Project

Spanish Talkshop in Palma: a guided session and an active learning experience

Join me / us if you are interested in practising SPANISH with a native Spanish teacher and meeting new people while we are spending a good time. The Spanish Talkshop is not a course, it is a guided session and an active learning experience. The main purpose is to TALK and to improve your skills for every day communication…
In order to get our goals, in every Talkshop can participate a maximum of 6 people and a minimum of 3.

About level, price and places

In every session I will indicate the level (beginners, intermediate, advanced), I know that maybe your problem is not in relation to understanding and it might be more in relation to speaking. So, if you are wondering wich one you should choose, I suggest you pre-intermediate level to start.

The Talkshop last 1 hour and its price from 8 euros per person (drinks are not included), but I will try to get special prices for us..:)

We will meet in quite and nice places where it will be possible to have a drink, even taste wine, food… All in order to get a relaxed and comfortable experience over and after the session in case you wish to stay later for a while.. I will try to choose the best for you…

General goals
The general goals are:
-Gain confidence and security.
-Gain fluency during the process.
-Improve your level of comprehension and pronunciation.
-Fortify your capacity to express yourself.
-Increase your vocabulary.
-Debug your mistakes by taking them as a positive aspect for your learning.
-Learn by practising, by doing.
And …enjoy ;).

How to become a member

If you want to know where and when we will celebrate every session in Palma and in another places in Mallorca, become a member (totally free), click here and sign up in order to be continuously updated.

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