Spanish Talkshop December

About the Project

Exposure to a language is the best way of learning from a base or level.

This Talkshop is not a Spanish course, is an experience of active learning.

Do not miss the chance to practise what you have learnt before or what you are learning at the moment.

The Talkshop is an opportunity to:

-Learn by practising.

-Gain confidence and security to speak Spanish.

-Gain fluency during the process.

-Improve your level of comprehension and pronunciation.

-Fortify your capacity to express yourself.

-Increase your business related vocabulary.

-Debug your mistakes by taking them as a positive aspect for your learning.

Cómodo&Co TalkshopAnd above all, take this Talkshop in a comfortable environment.

For whom is it suitable?

This Talkshop is intended for anyone who has an intermediaste level of Spanish (B1), or has a general understanding but has difficulties of speaking it for different reasons.


03 December 2016. From 11:00 to 12:00.

With who?

With me! 😊 Of course. You can know more about me here at my website. Have a look to “About me”.

The price for this Talkshop is only 10 euros for members of Able_H SpanishLessonsMallorca and if you book your place before next 1 December.  No members, 15 euros.  Only 6 people can participate, so don’t be late!.


In the old Palma centre. We often change the place to celebrate the Talkshop, so contact me by email or by phone and I will send you the location.

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