Make your Spanish Move! Spanish Immersion Programme

About the Project

MAKE YOUR SPANISH MOVE! – a mediterranean experience for your body and soul!

Do you want to boost your Spanish while relaxing in a cosy and authentic homestay in the heart of Mallorca? Do you want to start your day with a nourishing Yoga practice to support your learning-skills and well-being? Do you want to interact with locals and get a taste of the real mediterranean culture?

Then be with us and “MAKE YOUR SPANISH MOVE!


Together we will dive into this intercultural experience in which you can enjoy both – the benefits of a daily Yoga-class plus Spanish-sessions in a charming and authentic environment, same as exploring and interacting with the magnificent culture that Mallorca has to offer.

Our aim is to make your stay an ongoing and stimulating learning-experience on the magic island of Mallorca.


This one-week Spanish Immersion Programme includes:

  • 6x nights of accomodation with breakfast in a charming rural mallorquian retreat-house
  • 5x 70 minutes Yoga-classes
  • 5x 3,5 hours interactive Spanish-sessions
  • at least 3x complementary events that bring you in touch with our very particular version of Mallorca through the exploration of food and culture.


  • double-bedroom with bathroom ensuite: 750€/pers.
  • double-bedroom with shared bathroom: 650€/pers.
  • single bedroom: 750€/pers.
  • single bedroom (small): 600€/pers.

(excl. air-transfer/meals/dinner/expenses outside the retreat-house)

This Spanish Immersion-Program is limited to a small group of 7 participants. Early reservation is highly recommended.

We will send you an invoice after receiving your completed booking form.


  • From 8th to 14th of April. Welcome reception from 3 pm.


  • From 3th to 9th of Juny. Welcome reception from 3 pm.
  • From 16th to 22th of September. Welcome reception from 3 pm.



We are both residents in Mallorca and share an untamable love for this beautiful island, its environment and the local culture.

ANJA KIRILOW is born in Germany and studied Cultural Sciences and Tourism. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher and the founder of the JANANI Retreat house at the Sierra de Tramuntana, where the programm will be hosted.

ANA CÁRDENAS is born in Madrid and holds a degree in Hispanic Philology and is certified by the Instituto Cervantes as a Professor of Spanish as a Foreign Language. She is also qualified in Social Education and holds a master’s degree in Local Development and Tourism. H_Able Spanish Lessons Mallorca is currently her professional activitie.

With MAKE YOUR SPANISH MOVE! we created a cultural immersion that is a perfect match of our skills and gives a sample of what we are passionate about and what is moving us in our lifes: the love for Mallorca and the believe that the fusion of Yoga and Spanish-lessons in the heart of the island will help you to achieve your goal: to learn Spanish in the most authentic way and to enjoy your mediterranean journey with all your senses.


Here you have just a little bite about the amazing local food that you will be able to discover with us. Enjoy.


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