Learn anywhere through Online Spanish Lessons Mallorca.

No matter where you are!. Learn anywhere through Online Spanish Lessons Mallorca. Learn with me, a native, qualified and experienced Spanish teacher.

But why? Because I know how to help you to get your purposes and because I love to teach my language and everything in relation to my culture, and of course, it is very important to me if you are spending a good time over your learning process.

Tailor-made lessons

I offer you tailor-made lessons according to your needs and interests, and specially, a  useful learning for the real life.

If what you need is a specific learning (Spanish for business, for your studies..) or you have decided to prepare your DELE exams, I also can help you through this task (working according to the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Improve quickly your comprehension and oral expression

When we are learning another language, we want to use it immediately and we must do it. We want to solve habitual situations and to hold a conversation as soon as possible.

I use a technique based on an active dynamic, you are learning by doing, we are realizing different roles in order to achieve your success and to be able to express your needs, emotions.., and to make questions. All what we learn throughout this process, obviously form part of your materials, so it will be easy for you to consult them and practise as many times as be necessary for you.

Being fluent and gaining confidence

Being fluent and gaining confidence during the process is finally our purpose. Do not worry about grammar, use the language and make mistakes, it is part of  your learning process! We will correct them throughout our Spanish sessions as a natural training.

Relax and enjoy your training

Everything is a question of time, but you will get it. It depends on your experience in relation to another languages and the time you are willing to devote to this task. The most important is to keep a positive attitude, to be patient, by tolerating your mistakes, and to practise the language as much as you can!!.

Now contact me and send me an email if you have decided to start