Mallorca is the biggest Island of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean. The variety in nature and landscape beauty as well as the possibility of enjoying numerous experiences the whole year round, define this as one of the most interesting places to enjoy and incidentally to learn Spanish in Mallorca.

Without any doubts, a great idea!

Its advisable to stay a couple of days in Palma and afterwards disappear in any of the various gorgeous locations of the island such as the coves and beaches, this island can truly astonish you.  Renting a car or motorbike – or even a bicycle – depending on your plans -, will allow you to make routes and explore the island making the most of it.

Because generally the climate is great, most of all during Spring, Summer and Autumn, I recommend you to take at least a day to rent out a transportation that will enable you to experience the joy of feeling the breeze on your face… You’ll see that it’s truly worth it!

Another superplan would be to take the opportunity to sail and admire the magnificence of the island from the sea besides reaching hidden coves, many of which are impossible to get to through land. If you like snorkeling and diving, Mallorca’s blue waters will fascinate you.

By all means, if you are here, you have to savour the local food. A huge range in restaurants, local markets and very often traditional food tasting events. The gourmets will be glad to hear that recently some chefs have received the prestigious Michelin star awards.

If you wish not to do anything special, that’s another option.. taking long walks, exploring by yourself, forget about everything for a couple of days and to take pleasure in just relaxing.

I offer you some links with information on places to stay, the island offers a broad range in accomodation, you can choose between small luxury hotels boutique, or if you wish a more peaceful location and connect with nature rural tourism could be a perfect option for you. You could even rent a villa or share a house with local people, a very genuine experience! If you need help, let me know and don’t hesitate and contact me.

Hope to see you around!