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Talkshop is a fun, exciting and challenging way to improve one´s Spanish language proficiency. Set among a group of students of similar skill levels, this fast-paced, Q&A style exercise incorporates useful phraseology from everyday life, combined with references to popular culture as well as to the personal interests of the participants. The "round robin" format encourages interaction, facilitates learning in a practical way, and builds confidence through positive reinforcement. Of course, Ana´s preparation, enthusiastic moderating and boundless energy make Talkshop an event well worth your time and energy. I highly recommend it!

David Harris

New York, USA
Ana is a fantastic teacher. As an absolute beginner i booked her for week to bump start my Spanish. Energetic and inventive, kept me fully engaged and looking forward to every lesson. If you want to improve your Spanish book her ....... you won't regret it !

Gareth, aged 47

I can’t speak highly enough of Ana as a teacher and the Spanish lessons I received. I initially signed up for her classes just to practice conversation, but it didn’t take long to realize I needed a lot more grammar help first. I came to Ana with all of my doubts, whether they were about grammar, or what to do/say in real life situations, or how to write different types of texts, and she was able to help me with every question I had. Because of her background in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, she knew exactly how to explain “why” the answer was what it was. Ana is a very dedicated teacher and devotes a lot of time to make each class specifically tailored to your needs. She is really outgoing and enjoyable to be around and makes each class very engaging. Over the six months of classes we formed a close friendship and I can’t thank her enough for all her help!!

Lindsay Cooper

Baltimore, USA
I have had the pleasure of having Ana as my Spanish teacher for sometime now, learning with Ana is so enjoyable as she has so much passion and energy when you are in her company. Learning a new language is tough but Ana makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Every lesson I have is fun and relaxed and she has helped me immensely I couldn't recommend her more highly.. Many regards Ana

Martyn Quinton.

London, UK.

¿Sabías que...

Los días 2 y 11 de los meses 2 y 11 del año ocurre un fenómeno matemático formándose un 8 perfecto en el interior de la Catedral de Palma gracias a la luz solar.

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Ana CárdenasSoy de Madrid y estudié Lengua y Literatura Española en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Durante años he recibido una formación académica continua especializada en el idioma español. Esta página pretende ayudar a quienes se deciden a aprender español.


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Hola! Mi nombre es Ana y vivo en el centro histórico de Palma de Mallorca, en el encantador barrio de Santa Eulalia.

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